The blog jar: Purple Frog

21 03 2012

So, a looong time ago you might remember I came up with the brilliant idea of The Blog Jar.

Unfortunately the jar got buried under a pile of paperwork and has been collecting dust for quite some time. Anyway, tonight it offered up Katrina Germein‘s gift of a Purple Frog. What a weird little guy.

I don’t know much about Purple Frogs, (nothing at all actually, except what I’ve just re-read on the link Katrina sent. And I had a good chuckle). But I do have a soft spot for frogs in general. Frogs just seem like friendly creatures. (Unlike Cane Toads. Ugh.)

We live quite close to a lake, three streets back in fact. And so we have heaps of frogs visiting our garden. (Not Purple Frogs. Our froggie visitors are Motorbike Frogs.) They particularly like to visit in summer when their croaking is so loud we cannot hear the tv over the noise. And the cool thing about the Motorbike Frogs in our garden is that they are invisible.


We have often gone out at night into the chorus of a thousand motorbikes changing gear and shone a torch about and we cannot spot a single one. Even if we can hear almost exactly where the sound is coming from—Shine it on that spot there! Nothing. Invisible. Which leads me to conclude that Motorbike Frogs are not only loud, they are also smart.

You can check out Motorbike Frogs here. (Click on the speaker symbol above the main photo to hear their croaking.)

Even the word ‘frog’ sounds friendly, don’t you think?

© 2012 Rebecca Newman



2 responses

22 03 2012
KatrinaGermein (@katrinagermein)

Have you been keeping that poor frog in your jar all this time Bec? I hope you’ve been feeding him. I love frogs too. The Motorbike Frog looks lovely.

22 03 2012

Oh, he was OK. He was … um … hibernating. *cough* But he does make me laugh. Thanks for putting him into the jar. 🙂

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