The blog jar

1 06 2011

I’m starting a blog jar. It’s a bit inspired by Anna Ryan-Punch’s ‘Poems by request’ idea but I’m not as good as her at coming up with brilliance at short notice (or oftentimes even at long notice), so you’ll see that I’m not putting a time frame on the blog jar.

Here’s how it works:

Send me a word or idea or image to add to my jar—and I will use it as a prompt to write a blog post (I’ll link to you when I use your word or idea). I have three words in my jar so far. And I will be back later this week with my first post inspired by whichever of the three is pulled from the jar. (I’m PG rated, by the way.)

You can send me jar contributions via the comments here, or over at twitter @_boobook_

Thank you.




8 responses

1 06 2011
Dimity Powell

Think this is a facinating concept. Can’t wait to see the results. I shall endeavour to add to the kitty again soon. Hope your jar overfillith…Dimity

1 06 2011

Dimity, yours was my first word to go in!
Hope it doesn’t overfillith too quickly, or I might feel a bit stressed about getting all those posts done. (Probably a good incentive … )

1 06 2011
Katrina Germein

I’m putting this frog in the jar 🙂

1 06 2011

Thanks, Katrina. 🙂 I have put him in the jar.

Also: !!

2 06 2011
Dimity Powell

Please excuse my spelling; anything that leaves my head after 7pm is always subject to error! But as cups overflow and brains overflow and volcanoes overflow, I hope your jar just comfortably fills.

9 06 2011
Anna Ryan-Punch

Cool! Nice to have inspired something 🙂

9 06 2011
Anna Ryan-Punch

My contribution to your blog jar is “telling the truth”

9 06 2011

Thanks, Anna. 🙂
Crumbs, better get to opening the jar and writing something. *gets busy*

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