In the Lion (a Brilliant Book Trailer)

20 07 2012

I have a confession—I’m not really taken with book trailers. I want to get excited about them, I really do … but it seems I expect a lot from a book trailer, and most are quite bland.

It’s the National Year of Reading and I think good book trailers are a great way to promote books. So when I come across them, I’ll post the book trailers that do grab me.

Today’s trailer is for is an upcoming picture book by Perth author-illustrator James Foley—In the Lion will be out in August.

Put me out of my misery—can you recommend any other ‘must see’ trailers for children’s/YA titles?




7 responses

20 07 2012
Dimity Powell

Love it Rebecca! I am a bit of a sucker for ‘good’ clever book trailers. Have you seen any by the brilliant Tristan Bancks? Worth a look. Thanks for this Dimity

21 07 2012

Haven’t seen any by Tristan Bancks yet, Dimity. I’ll check them out!

21 07 2012
Julie Hedlund (@JulieFHedlund)

You are right – that trailer is brilliant! I look forward to more in this series, as you clearly are a great curator.

22 07 2012

Thanks for promoting me from Curmudgeon to Curator. 🙂 I have another trailer to post up soon. Hurrah for good book trailers!

22 07 2012
Sue Whiting

It’e great, isn’t it? It’s a fab book too!

22 07 2012

It is a great book (and lucky me, I’ve even heard James reading it!).

22 07 2012
BookChook (@BookChook)

I loved the trailer for The Last Viking – suspect James had a hand in that one too? And also It’s a Book trailer.

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