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4 06 2014

I’m having a little medium-sized break from this blog.

While you’re waiting for me to get back to it, come and visit me on my shiny new writer-and-poet site:

In the mail …

1 07 2013

Kill the music by Nansi Kunze

Look what came in the mail — a shiny new book. What you see above is the first book ever to feature my name …

… in the acknowledgements. 🙂

Kill the Music is a new YA title by Nansi Kunze and it’s just hit bookshops. (You can preview the first chapter on the publisher’s website — it’s free!)

Checking in

21 06 2013

Today I woke to yet another day of wintry sunshine and admired my thriving poppy seedlings and pondered the patch of earth where spinach seedlings should really be by now but aren’t.

Last week at this time I was on Rottnest Island for a retreat with a whole lot of other writers and illustrators from SCBWI Australia West — plus a few extras from the eastern states and from Singapore.  It was an inspiring and creative crowd and hanging out with them for four days was a real buzz. Here’s the view from the cottage I was staying in.

Rottnest (dusk)

Rottnest (dusk)

As luck (and a bit of manoevring) would have it, the second half of 2013 will have a lot more time for writing. I am poised to fill it with words. And poppies. But it looks like I’ll have to keep buying spinach …

Bad joke alert

3 06 2013

Q. Why shouldn’t you try writing with a broken pencil?

A. Because it’s pointless.

Kind of like this post really …

Penguin open to submissions

3 03 2013

Penguin Australia has announced changes to how their submissions process works for children’s and YA titles.

They will be accepting certain types of manuscripts at particular times of the year. You’ll find all the details on their website.

Happy writing.

Eric Vale Epic Fail (A Brilliant Book Trailer)

9 02 2013

So, I continue to gather good book trailers for the Boobook Brilliant Book Trailer Hall of Fame.

Here is my latest find—a trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail by Michael Gerard Bauer and illustrated by Joe Bauer (who also created the trailer).

It’s short and catchy, it’s funny and entertaining. Straight to the Hall of Fame!

Free magazine back issue

4 01 2013

In my day job I am the editor of Alphabet Soup—an Australian magazine for kids aged 6 to 12 who love reading and creative writing.

Over on Alphabet Soup’s blog, they are giving away a free back issue to the first 200 people who request one before 4 February 2013.  Do  you know any teachers, librarians or friends who might like a copy? Maybe you’d like a copy yourself?

Head on over there to find out how. (And tell your friends!)

Thank you!