About Boobook

Boobook is really Rebecca Newman. Why is this blog called Boobook? I like books. And owls.  And especially owls with books in their names.

I also like:

  • writing
  • fountain pens
  • poetry
  • chocolate
  • autumn and spring
  • stripy socks
  • picture books
  • baking
  • sleep
  • checking the letterbox and finding real letters
  • the smell of coffee
  • the smell after it rains
  • apostrophes used correctly
  • lists

I don’t like:

  • drinking coffee
  • putting shopping away
  • losing my keys
  • smoked salmon
  • procrastination (but I’m very good at it)
  • weeds
  • the beach at midday in summer
  • the smell of the pelargonium in the front garden
  • most of the book trailers I’ve seen

In our household we cater for gluten intolerance and fructose malabsorption, and sometimes I experiment with recipes.

I am the former editor of Alphabet Soup magazine and I am now the curator of Alphabet Soup’s blog.

Here on boobook you’ll get a bit of all of the above …


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