Bad joke alert

3 06 2013

Q. Why shouldn’t you try writing with a broken pencil?

A. Because it’s pointless.

Kind of like this post really …


Free Literacy ezine

1 12 2010
"LitLava 7 cover"

Free Literacy ezine: Literacy Lava

Issue 7 of Literacy Lava is out now! As usual, Literacy Lava has great tips for parents, and suggestions for literacy activities to share with kids. This issue features a new writing tips column with author, Dee White. There’s loads of other stuff too, including an article from me about catering for your budding young writer. 🙂

Download your free ezine now, via The Book Chook’s website. Yay!

PiBoIdMo Day 3

3 11 2010

"Piboidmo 2010 badge"

PiBoIdMo. Day 3.

Thankfully, I wasn’t lying awake at 5.45am thinking about the school fete. Today I slept solidly right up until the alarm (possibly because I stayed up too late reading Alice-Miranda at School).

My picture book idea for today arrived while dropping the kids up at school.

And it’s supposed to get to 36 degrees in Perth today. (That’s unrelated to inspiration striking—at least, I think so—but just thought I’d mention it.)

3 down. 27 to go.

PiBoIdMo. Day 2

2 11 2010

"Piboidmo 2010 badge"PiBoIdMo. Day 2.

Where inspiration struck today:

Lying in bed at 5.45am, thinking about the school fete. (As one does at 5.45am)

2 down. 28 to go.


1 11 2010

PiBoIdMo. Day 1.

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year but I have signed up for PiBoIdMo*—Picture Book Idea Month. Everyone taking part agrees to come up with a picture book idea for every day in November. That’s 30 ideas for picture books. *looks optimistic*

If you’d like to take part, you can find out more over at Tara Lazar’s blog. And here’s the cool PiBoIdMo badge, to show I’m officially thinking:

"PiBoIdMo badge"

I’m not sharing what my ideas are, assuming I can dredge up 30 good ones. I don’t like sharing too soon before a story is fleshed out—but if I come up with an idea while I’m doing something interesting, then perhaps I will share about what I was doing when inspiration struck. 🙂

So, to kick start my 30 ideas, I got my first idea when I was listening to a group of 8 year olds this morning. They were chatting about possible titles for stories they were writing and my brain went off on a tangent. Now … only 29 to go.

Are you in?

*Thank you for not making it NaPiBoIdMo. I can sign on without feeling like an interloper.

Undercover Readers Club (a blatant plug!)

14 06 2010

Undercover Readers logoOver on the Alphabet Soup blog (where I wear my editor’s and publisher’s hats), we’re launching a kids book review club called Undercover Readers. As part of the cyberlaunch celebrations, we’ve invited a different children’s author/illustrator to visit every day from 14th to 27 June to tell us about what they liked to read as a child (under the covers with a torch!).

SHERYL GWYTHER is our first VIP author — and yes, she did sneak in some undercover reading when she was growing up.

And the excitement continues this week with Aleesah Darlison, Katrina Germein, The Book Chook, Sandy Fussell, Sue Walker and Dee White. (With even more next week!)

Huzzah! *throws streamers about in a jolly manner*

The Fortnight Most Foul

11 05 2010

I was quite excited about taking part in NaNoWriWee this year (getting first drafts of 7 picture books done in 7 days). I was very keen but then had what can only be referred to as a fiendishly busy fortnight – even for my world!

My fortnight included:

  • A sick son home from school last week
  • A 40 min presentation to finish preparing, and deliver
  • Lots of nerves about 40 min presentation
  • Issue 7 of Alphabet Soup almost ready to go to the printers It’s always very busy at this end of an issue.
  • NaNoWriWee – 7 picture books in my head trying to get out
  • All the usual day-to-day stuff that never stops!

I did get two drafts down for NaNoWriWee. And they might even turn out to be OK with a bit of a polish. I have great admiration for those of you who managed to get 7 done. Yay you! I hope I’ll be doing that in 2011.

In the meantime, I have picture book polishing to be getting on with, not to mention a large stack of envelopes that need labels stuck on them ready for magazines when they are back from the printer.

Onwards and upwards!