Eric Vale Epic Fail (A Brilliant Book Trailer)

9 02 2013

So, I continue to gather good book trailers for the Boobook Brilliant Book Trailer Hall of Fame.

Here is my latest find—a trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail by Michael Gerard Bauer and illustrated by Joe Bauer (who also created the trailer).

It’s short and catchy, it’s funny and entertaining. Straight to the Hall of Fame!


The Hidden Alphabet (A Brilliant Book Trailer)

30 11 2012

Readers of this blog (hello to all five of you!) will know that I am a curmudgeon when it comes to book trailers. And yet—HERE I AM! With book trailer #2 making it to the Boobook Brilliant Book Trailer Hall Of Fame. (You will find the first book trailer in the Hall of Fame if you read this earlier post.)

I haven’t read this book. Yet. I like the trailer so much that I am going to track it down immediately and find a small child to read it with me. Why does this trailer make the cut? The music in the trailer is done well (in my—rather biased—opinion), the trailer itself is quirky and visually appealing. I think it does a good job of advertising an alphabet book and is enjoyable to watch just for its own sake. And this book trailer is for:

The Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

What do you think, would it make it to your Hall of Fame?

In the Lion (a Brilliant Book Trailer)

20 07 2012

I have a confession—I’m not really taken with book trailers. I want to get excited about them, I really do … but it seems I expect a lot from a book trailer, and most are quite bland.

It’s the National Year of Reading and I think good book trailers are a great way to promote books. So when I come across them, I’ll post the book trailers that do grab me.

Today’s trailer is for is an upcoming picture book by Perth author-illustrator James Foley—In the Lion will be out in August.

Put me out of my misery—can you recommend any other ‘must see’ trailers for children’s/YA titles?