School holiday ideas

7 07 2012

It’s the start of the school holidays here in WA. I thought I’d throw out a few links to cool things I’ve seen around the internet—things to do during the school holidays.

Ten Tiny Things

Ten tiny things (cover)This is a new blog, to go with a new picture book coming out by Meg McKinlay and Kyle Hughes-Odgers. The blog features photos of tiny things that kids (and big ‘kids’) spot while walking about in the streets of their neighbourhoods. There are some amazingly fabulous tiny things photographed and I can’t wait to take my kids walking with a camera sometime over the break. (You can send in photos of your own tiny things in your neighbourhood. Do it! Do it!)

Printable Paper Rockets (Picklebums)

I know my kids will LOVE this activity and the making will be as much fun as the rocketing. To make these low-tech rockets, all you need is glue, bendy straws, scissors, pencil, tape and download the printable (or improvise your own design on paper.)

Glow Jars

Planning with Kids has a make-your-own glow jar activity outlined step-by-step. It gets dark quite early here at the moment, and glow jars at the end of the day sounds perfect.

Online comic creators

The Book Chook has shared heaps of links about sites where kids can create their own comics. I have two kids who are keen on comic creating and I’ve been meaning to check out some of the Book Chook’s recommended sites. This seems like a good time to get around to it …

Kids’ Short story comp/Design-a-cover comp (a shameless plug)

Alphabet Soup magazine is running a story writing comp, closing 12 July. There are $20 book vouchers to win in three age categories—under 7s, under 9s and under 12s. (My kids won’t be entering because, you know, immediate family can’t enter etc etc but they do love time to write over the school holidays so we’ll be getting their notebooks out often.)

The Week in Bentos

OK. So this is not a school holiday activity but a blog I love visiting because I normally spend a good deal of my time packing school lunch boxes, and this is what I wished they looked like … in some parallel universe, I’m sure I am making lunches just like this.

What are you doing/what did you do for the winter holidays?




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8 07 2012

thanks for the shout out 🙂

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