Deadlines and writing

7 01 2012

When it comes to writing, I’m a deadlines girl. I look at a deadline and somehow the creativity scrapes itself together and finds its way onto a page. No deadline, and my writing … mostly just doesn’t get done.

You can tell 2012 is off to a good start—this month I have signed myself up for two deadlines. I’ve signed on for Month of Poetry and (while I was in the mood for grabbing at deadlines) I have also signed on for 12X12 in 2012: Picture Book Writing Challenge.

Month of Poetry (coordinated by Kat Apel) involves writing a poem every day for the whole of January. It’s surprising how hard it is to come up with a poem every day and just as surprising how it can be done when you actually sit there and decide it must. be. written.

When 12X12 (coordinated by Julie Hedlund) turned up in my facebook feed, I knew it would be a Very Useful Deadline. So —ta da!—I will be writing a new picture book manuscript every month for twelve months. Luckily it only has to be a draft, not a polished product.

And look! There’s a badge! (Anyone joining me?)

12X12 badge

So far 2012 is looking pretty good. Happy New Year!

PS Both of these challenges have twitter hashtags: #MoP and #12x




2 responses

7 01 2012

Wow MoP AND 12 x 12? You’re a braver woman than I. 🙂

7 01 2012

I’m not sure braaaaver is the word you’re looking for. 😛 Looking forward to writing 12 PBs!

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