Oh! The Endpapers! (The Last Viking)

17 08 2011

It’s no secret that I love picture books. And I get very excited about endpapers—attractive endpapers really add that extra zing to a picture book. I especially love the endpapers that continue with the story or reveal something you didn’t notice in the book.

And I’ve decided that endpapers don’t get enough of the limelight. So I’m going to post some of my favourites here. The ones that make me say ‘Oh!’ the first time I read the book, and run my hand over the page. You know the sort I mean.

So here’s the first one

The Last Viking by Norman Jorgensen, ill. James Foley. 

Published by Fremantle Press, ISBN 971921888106.

The Last Viking cover

NB: Fremantle Press sent me a review copy  for Alphabet Soup but it is my own decision to feature the endpapers here on Boobook. I have permission to show the endpapers.

Firstly, a bit about the book. The Last Viking is a picture book about a boy (Josh) who is scared of … pretty much everything. He becomes interested in Vikings while staying at his grandparents’ house. When trouble arrives he summons up some Viking courage and discovers he’s braver than he thinks. Some of the illustrations are framed with messages written in code—rune carvings. At the back of the book (on the endpapers) there is a key to crack the code. Brilliant!

The story deals with themes of bravery and bullying. It’s a funny and appealing book for kids (and their grownups), and you come away having learned something about Vikings. The illustrations are an excellent match for the story and when you get to the endpapers you can’t help flipping back through the book to read the secret messages.

So—here are the endpapers!

The Last Viking endpapers

I’ll be posting some more of my favourites soon. Do you look at the endpapers in your picture books? Or are they just more pages to flick through before you get the story (or to ‘The End’)?

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22 11 2011
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