Any colour, as long as it’s blue

25 04 2011

"Duck for a day (cover)"I read a lot of children’s books over 12 months.

Something I noticed about titles I read last year is that there was a lot of blue. I don’t know if the covers follow colour trends or not. Do publishers deliberately choose an ‘in’ colour? Are children’s-book readers more likely to buy a blue book?

"Mirror (cover)"Blue is my favourite colour. But I think I have blue fatigue. It’s exciting when a book arrives in the mail and it’s red. Or yellow. Or green.

Do you think the colour of a book’s cover influences whether or not you will pick it up at a bookshop or library?




11 responses

25 04 2011
Michelle Dennis Evans

oh dear… now that you mention it .. I am attracted to pretty covers!
I have one of those books on my bedside waiting to be read 😉

25 04 2011

I like pretty covers too. And even blue covers. But it’s nice to have a change sometimes. 🙂 I also like covers that have some embossed elements. Or a waxy finish to the cover.

25 04 2011

I’m notoroious for choosing a book by its cover. But I don’t know that it’s a colour thing – so much as a setting/scene – and the feelings that conveys. Is there something subliminal about blue?

25 04 2011

I wonder. I know I read somewhere that, when asked to name their favourite colour, most people will say ‘blue’. So perhaps it’s just that people usually have a positive response to blue and publishers are playing it safe for psychological/sales reasons.

25 04 2011
Caz Williams

Hmmm… I think I just like them to be pretty. Of course, they only make it to the checkout if the story rocks as well!

29 04 2011

Definitely. I have seen many a book with a pretty cover and put it back on the shelf without buying/borrowing. (And *ahem* have also bought many a good book, too … )

26 04 2011
Lexie Mitchell

I only buy a book if it interests or appeals to me.
I don’t care what colour it is.

29 04 2011

I’m afraid to admit that (unless I’m looking for a specific title) I am drawn to pretty covers. I don’t think the colour of the cover is a factor but seeing so many blue books in my pile made me wonder if more people lean towards blue covers for impulse ‘looks’ in a bookshop or library.

I’m like Caz though. If it’s not a good story once I’ve picked it up and flicked through it, it doesn’t make it to the checkout/library desk.

27 04 2011
Katrina Germein

Do you think light blue is reserved for ‘sweet’ books and darker blue for books that explore ‘cultural’ themes?

27 04 2011

Now THAT is an interesting question, and one I haven’t considered. Looking at the stack of picture books next to me here, there does seem to be a pattern. I will explore it further and get back to you. 🙂

21 05 2011
Dimity Powell

I heard to never subscribe to the colour green for book covers. Green being my fave colour means it would be hard for me to over look it on the book shelf. But catchy covers, like a person’s smile do have a certain pulling appeal for the book browser. I feel they can set the scene and entice you to walk on into the book…or not. But like a person’s smile, it’s what’s behind the cover that counts. Dimity

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