FREE literacy resource for parents and teachers

1 03 2011
"Literacy Lava 8"

Literacy Lava 8, FREE Literacy resource (PDF)

Susan Stephenson, aka The Book Chook, is the editor of a fabulous literacy resource called Literacy Lava. The good news is—issue 8 is hot off the press! Here’s what Susan has to say about Issue 8:

In this eighth edition, you’ll find suggestions for developing plot in Writing Tips for Kids from Dee White, storytelling as a way to bring literacy front and centre in kids’ lives, how to get kids reading, how different aged siblings share read-aloud time, great tips for a toddler book club, ideas for encouraging creative thinking in children, and how to help kids collect words. As usual, there are nine great free online resources I recommend for reading, writing and creating, and the Activity page for kids is a pencil and paper game called Categories.

Download the FREE PDF here.

[Susan Stephenson is in charge of the writing tips column in Alphabet Soup magazine, where I am the editor. She’s a very clever chook.]




2 responses

2 03 2011
Michelle Dennis Evans

Cool – thanks for the link… I need to subscribe to LL – I only read it when someone blogs or posts a link that I see.

2 03 2011

Subscribe! Subscribe! 🙂

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