e-readers, PiBoIdMo and hospitals

1 12 2010

November turned out to be quite the adventure. Here’s why:

  1. School Fete. Somehow I ended up being in charge of the Chocolate Wheel. I did have lots of help but still, what was I thinking?!
  2. PiBoIdMo. I got off to a good start and was feeling quite chuffed. I even imagined myself coming up with double the ideas and 2011 being a bumper year for churning out picture books. Then … see ‘.3.’
  3. I had what I thought was a bad case of food poisoning. After 4 days of extreme pain and unwellness I went to the doctor and ended up in hospital. It wasn’t food poisoning, it was my gallbladder going kaput. Oops.
  4. After another 6 days in hospital, I had the gallbladder out.

So I’m sitting up in bed as I type this, feeling a bit overwhelmed at everything I need to catch up on (Alphabet Soup‘s summer issue is late being posted for starters) and wondering about the misfortune of having to use abdominal muscles for things like standing and walking to the toilet, and laughing and, well, breathing.

In hospital, mostly I slept, and read and daydreamed. And I managed to scratch out enough PiBoIdMo ideas to get me over the line. I was extremely grateful for a Sony e-reader that had been sent to me for review and it got a heavy workout while I was in hospital—I will put a review up here as soon as I have the summer issue of the magazine attended to.

Things I’m grateful for (in no particular order):

  1. I don’t have diabetes. I had to have a blood sugar test (finger prick 5 times a day) while I was in hospital and I’m not sure you’d ever get used to that. Ouch. (Yes, I’m sooky.)
  2. Being home and seeing my kids again. They look so fresh and bright and full of beans.
  3. Food. Not eating for 10 days was miserable, I like to eat. (And someone should invent the chocolate flavoured IV drip. I’m sure that would be of enormous psychological benefit to a patient. ‘I’m just connecting the chocolate drip now’. I’m sure I’d improve dramatically if I heard that.)
  4. Leaving November behind and starting on a fresh month. Yah December! Don’t let me down!
  5. My husband. What an angel.
  6. My mum.
  7. Finishing PiBoIdMo with 31 ideas in the notebook. Some of them are probably a bit odd (especially the ones after my op when I was on painkillers) but 31 ideas are not to be sneezed at. Particularly when one has 4 holes in ones tummy and one tries to avoid sneezing at all costs.

So, to end on a positive note—here’s my badge. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go have a nap.

"PiBoIdMo winner's badge"




4 responses

1 12 2010

Wow! That is some month. It’s unbelievable that you finished PiBoIdMo given your surgery and hospital stay. You deserve an extra badge for that! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

1 12 2010

Thanks Julie. I didn’t have the energy for anything much in hospital, but I could come up with a few PB ideas and feel like I was achieving something. 🙂

2 12 2010
Katrina Germein

Wow. What a month you had. I had no idea you’d been unwell. Glad to hear you’re back at home and mending. Hugs and well wishes for December from me. xx

2 12 2010

Thanks, Katrina. I would be quite content with December being uneventful (with the exception of Christmas, of course). Definitely on the mend now.

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