PiBoIdMo. Day 8. (aka Caps for Sale)

8 11 2010
Caps for Sale (cover)

One of my favourite books. And I have new sympathy for him, walking around with all those hats.

This week I am wearing too many hats. (Not actual hats, the ‘doing too many roles’ sorts of hats.) It’s hard to be focussed, but I’m plodding on. Many of the hats will be hung up on Sunday evening, so I’m hoping that will leave my head clear for fresh picture book ideas on Monday.

Idea 8 came to me from the caption written under a friend’s photograph. I’m hoping he’ll give me permission to borrow it (the caption I mean), because it would be a great title for a picture book.

And, in other news, I found this tshirt that I am secretly hoping Santa might bring me for Christmas. Isn’t it fabulous?

8 down, 22 to go.




7 responses

8 11 2010

Lurve the tee shirt!!!

9 11 2010
Katrina Germein

That book is one of my favourites too. Dad used to read it to us at night. Thanks for reminding me of it this morning. Next time I’m at Dad’s I’ll dig it out.

9 11 2010

Ha! That is an awesome T.

12 11 2010

Cheering you on!

12 11 2010

Thanks, Book Chook! Haven’t had a chance to post the last few days but still going with the ideas! Back soon …

13 11 2010
Lexie Mitchell

Best of luck, Boobook. May all your
Christmas wishes come true.

13 11 2010

Thanks, Lexie. 🙂

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