PiBoIdMo. Day 7.

7 11 2010

"pudding pic"PiBoIdMo. Day 7.

Today I started thinking about the nitty gritty of Christmas Day at our house. We have family (and lots of them) over for lunch, and it’s suddenly not all that far away (Christmas, I mean). And it was while I was making a few lists (not up to checking them twice yet) that I found Idea Number 7. Surprisingly, it’s unrelated to Christmas. Which is probably just as well—I’ve heard that it’s hard to get a picture book about annual events/festivals etc accepted. Plus, I have a few Christmas picture books that I already love. I’m not sure I need to write my own. (Now I’ve said that, you just know I’m guaranteed to wake at 3am with a brilliant Christmas PB idea.)

And I’m trying out a new game that I read about over at Tara Lazar’s blog yesterday. Tara is the brains behind PiBoIdMo and she has all sorts of people from the world of kidlit stopping by during November to offer inspiration. Yesterday’s guest post by Jennifer A Nielson suggests a novel way of taking your story in unthought of directions. It’s more difficult than I expected, but good fun.

7 down. 23 to go.




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