PiBoIdMo. Day 6.

6 11 2010

PiBoIdMo. Day 6.

I wasn’t doing anything particularly interesting when I came up with my idea today. But I have come up with an idea and added it to my list, so I can cross off day 6 and start the cogs whirring for a Day 7 Idea.

6 down. 24 to go.

"Tomato Plants"And now for something unrelated to picture book writing—look, look what I found on my tomato bushes! (You won’t be sufficiently impressed unless you are familiar with my history of tomato growing. *Be very impressed*)

These are growing in our newly constructed kitchen garden, still something of a work-in-progess. I will be posting more photos soon so you can see the fantabulous corn, and the rather sorry-looking moth-eaten bok choy.

White butterfly heaven.




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