PiBoIdMo. Day 5.

5 11 2010

"PiBoIdMo badge"

PiBoIdMo. Day 5.

Today I am tired and grumpy. And you wouldn’t think tired and grumpy would leave one open to inspiration, but as I was driving one of my children to a music class today, I came up with Idea Number Five. And it isn’t about someone being tired and grumpy.

I am feeling quite envious of Kat Apel right now. Kat let slip that she came up with 100 picture book ideas on Day 1 of PiBoIdMo, so she has ideas in reserve. (She didn’t really say 100, it was more like 8.)

5 down. 25 to go. And I must check in on some fellow PiBoIdMo-ers to see how they are going. If you have 100 ideas in reserve, it’s probably best if you say something vague like ‘oh, it’s going OK I guess’. Otherwise I will surely strike you from my Christmas card list. (Told you I was tired and grumpy.)




2 responses

6 11 2010

Hmmm… Must be something going around. I talked about self-doubt creeping in on my blog today. Still got my idea down and feeling better now, but weird how I felt out of sorts so early in the challenge. But… Onward!

6 11 2010

Yes, onward! Glad I’m not the only one with the Day 5 Blues.

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