Let them eat … marshmallow

10 08 2010

Two of my kids have food intolerances and when we go to a kids’ birthday party, they have to take their own party food. It’s usually only the other parents that get anxious about the party food limitations. Conversations like this are not uncommon:

Parent X*: Would your adorable child like some of this birthday cake?

Me: Oh, thank you, but he/she can’t have cake. They’ve brought their own food, they’re happy!

Parent X: NO CAKE?! Oh, well how about some jelly then?

Me: Uh, no. They can’t have that either, but they have their own party food. Really, they’re fine. Thanks.

Parent X: Well, how about some apple juice?

Me: No. Apple juice is out too, actually. Thanks anyway.

Parent X: *head implosion*

Actually, my kids aren’t too bothered. But if they can’t eat cake or jelly or drink apple juice, what can they have? I’m glad you asked, because guess what? Today I have a guest post on this very subject—over at the ColesOnline blog. Head on over there, and BYO bendy straw. Hip hip HOORAY!

*Parent X is never the parent of the birthday child. We always warn the birthday child’s parents that we are bringing our own party fare.




3 responses

7 09 2010

Hilarious! I admit to being one of those parents who gets ‘worried’ that a child is missing the fun. However, I am now assured. And I will pop over and read your post for extra pointers.

7 09 2010

Hi Pink Fibro,
Aw, thanks for being a worrier. It means kids like my two feel loved, even if they’re missing out on the apple juice … 🙂

18 09 2010

The food thing can be really hard for others to grasp, especially at a party.

My girls are only nut free which isn’t usually a big problem, but even then we get people worrying that they are missing out…. It’s nice to know people care, but actually my girls don’t even like nuts!

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