Kidlit heaven

22 06 2010

Well, am home from the NSW Children’s Book Council conference where I had an absolutely fabulous time.

HIGHLIGHTS (in no particular order):

Meeting/catching up with authors/illustrators/generally bookish folk

(Watch me name drop!) Sandy Fussell, Dee White, Trudie Trewin, Claire Saxby, Janeen Brian, Sally Murphy, David Murphy, Tania McCartney, Aleesah Darlison, Stephanie Owen Reeder, (and quite probably a few others that I’ll think of later and slip in here while you’re looking the other way).

Margaret Hamilton in conversation with Stephen Michael King and Glenda Millard about their collaboration on the Kingdom of Silk books.

When Stephen Michael King had done a bit of talking, he got up and started drawing at an easel that had been set up for him, while Glenda continued to talk. I swear all the children’s book geeks slid off their chairs in happiness.

"Stephen Michael King drawing Mutt Dog"

Stephen Michael King drawing Mutt Dog

"Stephen Michael King drawing The Man Who Loved Boxes"

Stephen Michael King with a drawing of The Man Who Loved Boxes

Hearing picture book authors and illustrators in pairs talking about how they collaborate on their books.

That session was responsible for a fair whack of my bookshop purchases afterwards. I bought a stack of books to bring home because I’m so short of books at home *cough cough *.

Hearing Shaun Tan speak and watching his short film of The Lost Thing.

He’s a Perth boy you know!

Hearing Sheryl Clark speak about children’s poetry.

The session that most surprised me was given by Paul MacDonald, owner of The Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft NSW. He talked about graphic novels. I confess I haven’t read many graphic novels. I now have a list of graphic novels to seek out.

OK, so here are some of the books that came home in my suitcase:

"The ABC Book of Australian Poetry"

"How to Heal a Broken Wing cover"

"The Return of the Word Spy cover"

"The Great Bear"

There was so much more that I haven’t mentioned but I really do have to deal with my inbox before it explodes. Brilliant conference — many thanks to everyone who was involved in organising it.




4 responses

23 06 2010
Lexie Mitchell

Hello, thank you so much for your post on the conference. It sounded as if it was a great success all round. Looking forward to some more as you get time to send it.
I’m sorry. But I don’t know who you are. I have received an email from you before and there are no name tags. Excuse me for my ignorance if I missed that, but I’m dying to know, and I do enjoy your blogs.

Regards, Lexie

23 06 2010

Hi Lexie,

I’m a bit mystified that you’ve received an email from me with no name tags? (Not sure what that means! But if you ticked a box when you left your comment saying that you’d like to be notified if there are responses to your comment, that might explain it.) I am the publisher and managing editor of Alphabet Soup magazine — it’s an Australian literary magazine for kids aged 6 to 12. You can find out more about it on the magazine’s website:, and its blog:

This blog where you’ve left comments (boobook) is mostly about what I’m doing/reading/writing OTHER than the magazine, though sometimes it does cross over, of course. 🙂

Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

– Rebecca

26 06 2010

Relatively jealous, here…

26 06 2010

Jeanne, you would have LOVED it! It’s lucky the conference was in Sydney and I had to fly home, otherwise I would have bought a lot more books and we probably couldn’t afford to eat for the rest of the month …

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