Undercover Readers Club (a blatant plug!)

14 06 2010

Undercover Readers logoOver on the Alphabet Soup blog (where I wear my editor’s and publisher’s hats), we’re launching a kids book review club called Undercover Readers. As part of the cyberlaunch celebrations, we’ve invited a different children’s author/illustrator to visit every day from 14th to 27 June to tell us about what they liked to read as a child (under the covers with a torch!).

SHERYL GWYTHER is our first VIP author — and yes, she did sneak in some undercover reading when she was growing up.

And the excitement continues this week with Aleesah Darlison, Katrina Germein, The Book Chook, Sandy Fussell, Sue Walker and Dee White. (With even more next week!)

Huzzah! *throws streamers about in a jolly manner*




2 responses

15 06 2010
Lexie Mitchell

Thank you for your blogs and different articles Sheryl. I find them extremely interesting.

15 06 2010

Thanks for stopping by, Lexie. And I think Sheryl is a very interesting writer and blogger!

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