Interesting blogs: Mr Squiggle

6 06 2010

I came across Mr Squiggle blog a few days ago, and went back to it today for another look. It’s run (I think!) by dueling artists Campbell Whyte and Briony Stewart using the idea of the tv show from childhood, Mr Squiggle (take a squiggle, and turn it into something).

One of them presents the other with a squiggle to turn into a work of art, and then that one has a turn at setting the squiggle challenge. The only disappointment is that it appears that they stopped in August 2009. But I really enjoyed looking back through all the posts before that. Worth checking out.




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8 06 2010

My favourite part of Mr Squiggle used to be the blackboard. Hurry up! Hurry up.

By the way, I recently started a directory of Australian Book Bloggers. If you are interested in finding out more click here

8 06 2010
Rebecca Newman

Hi Marg,

Thanks for stopping by – your ‘click here’ link doesn’t seem to work, but I found the directory via your own site, so thanks!

~ Rebecca

9 06 2010

Whoops! Don’t know what I did there.

Your post sent me on a Youtube journey – you can watch episodes of Mr Squiggle on there!

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