The Fortnight Most Foul

11 05 2010

I was quite excited about taking part in NaNoWriWee this year (getting first drafts of 7 picture books done in 7 days). I was very keen but then had what can only be referred to as a fiendishly busy fortnight – even for my world!

My fortnight included:

  • A sick son home from school last week
  • A 40 min presentation to finish preparing, and deliver
  • Lots of nerves about 40 min presentation
  • Issue 7 of Alphabet Soup almost ready to go to the printers It’s always very busy at this end of an issue.
  • NaNoWriWee – 7 picture books in my head trying to get out
  • All the usual day-to-day stuff that never stops!

I did get two drafts down for NaNoWriWee. And they might even turn out to be OK with a bit of a polish. I have great admiration for those of you who managed to get 7 done. Yay you! I hope I’ll be doing that in 2011.

In the meantime, I have picture book polishing to be getting on with, not to mention a large stack of envelopes that need labels stuck on them ready for magazines when they are back from the printer.

Onwards and upwards!




6 responses

11 05 2010

Two is two more than you had before NaPiBo!! I totally understand, as I had quite a few mishaps myself. Now I’m dusting myself off and continuing editing and revisions!! Hope the presentation went well!

11 05 2010

Thanks Julie, presentation did go well in the end. Though I had a sort of out of body experience watching myself talking, and so decided to do some of it differently another time. 🙂
Hope your editing and revisions run smoothly, I’m rather pleased with my two drafts, even though I was aiming for 7 originally!

13 05 2010
Katrina Germein

Enjoy your picture book polishing. Two manuscripts to play with. What fun. Glad to hear your presentation went well. 🙂

13 05 2010

Thanks, Katrina! Looking forward to polishing them once I get this huge pile of admin done. (They are calling to me, I’m not a huge fan of admin … )

4 08 2010
Janeen Brian

I have to include admin stuff in my daily ‘to do’ list, Rebecca, so there is at least some triumph in ticking them off. But all the while the creative worm inside is clawing. SHHHhhhhh! Just a bit longer!!

5 08 2010

I admit there is great satisfaction in crossing a kabillion admin items off a ‘to do’ list. 🙂

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