What I knew at 12

11 01 2010

At this time of the year cupboards tend to get emptied out. Sometimes it can be called spring cleaning (even though it’s summer of course), which mostly means the emptying is intentional. And sometimes it comes about because we’re sure that somewhere in a cupboard there is a particular lost item but once we empty everything out we remember that, no, it wasn’t this cupboard after all. And then what was in the cupboard is alloverthefloor. And because we are not Organised People, instead of putting everything back neatly and in alphabetical order, we sit on the floor and start playing with The Stuff.

Which is where you’d have found me this afternoon when I came across a school project I had done when I was 12. The theme of the project seems to be ‘All About Me’. i.e. Me as a Baby, My family, Me Now, and Hopes for the Future. The title of the project is, not surprisingly, Me.

Me as a baby, with teddy

In ‘Hopes for the Future’, 12-year-old me writes:

I hope to study at university but I don’t know what subject at the moment.

I’d like to marry and maybe have children.

I’d like to play music in a small group or an orchestra because I think it would be fun.

Someday I’d like to write a chapter book and have it published.

It’s a bit scary to look back at that 12-year-old handwriting, knowing that everything on that list has been ticked off, with the exception of the chapter book. Would 12-year-old me allow Alphabet Soup instead? It might be time to get some of those works-in-progress out of the bottom drawer.

PS I got an A on the project. Given the accuracy of my future predictions, I think I should track down Mrs S and ask for an upgrade to an A+.




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