Found inside my library copy of ‘Dig’

8 01 2010

Inside the copy of ‘Dig’ that I borrowed from the library this week, I found this docket:

(I’ve blurred out the borrower’s ID number. Which, curiously, appeared where you would expect item 3 to be listed.)

I’ve often wondered about the recommendations you get on Amazon etc (‘People who bought this also bought xyz’) but there might be something in it. I’m fairly sure I would get along with this borrower. Or at the very least, we could make small talk without too much trouble.

I’m using it as a bookmark.




One response

27 01 2010

I’d think I’d like her too. I’m trying to avoid looking at her choice of low GI recipes for wei… book though, coz I suspect it ends with …ght loss, and I don’t like the sound of that. Far prefer the idea of Fresh Indian or Jill Dupleix’s book or Modern Australian Gardening or reading in her library or something fun that doesn’t involve exercise or dieting or other forms of torture!!

(Tickled pink that I’m on your blogroll, by the way. Wow!)

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